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Veterans with Roots in Edwards

From Military and Cemetery Sources in Edwards History Center

Compilation began in November 1999

Since Veterans Day occurs during the month of November, it is fitting that those who were in the service during the conflicts through WWII and are recorded in Edwards, be brought from the local archives to be honored by those who have benefited by their selfless efforts.  More information on many of these people can be researched in the Edwards History Center by making an appointment with the Historian, LaVerne Freeman at 562-3500.

Revolutionary War – Buried in Edwards

Pvt.Abel Pratt
NH, Cont'l Green Mountain Boys at Ticonderoga. In the Quebec, Canada Expedition.  Service to 1780.  Born 1757.  Died 1840 in Edwards. Buried Payne Cemetery.
William Cotton
Joseph Matteson
Abel Pratt
Noah Shaw
Eliphalet Smith
Ephraim Stiles

Pvt. Eliphalet Smith
MA. Served in Boston Siege, Battles of Stillwater and Ticonderoga, and was at Valley Forge. Born Sandisfield, MA in 1759. Died 1849 Edwards.  Buried Riverside Cemetery. Epitaph on bottom of stone - A Revolutionary Soldier who fought for the liberty we now enjoy.

 Spanish-American War - Buried in Edwards

Sgt. Frank Wesley Ingraham
Co. A, 9th Reg't, Infantry, U.S. Army, served in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War and then was sent to China where his outfit was active in the Boxer Rebellion.  He returned to his native Edwards to live where his medals were preserved by his family.  Died 1962, age 89, and buried in Fairview Cemetery
Martin Henry Hogue
Frank Wesley Ingraham
Alexander Oswald Noyes
Herbert Wheeler

Civil War

Edwards Records - not all buried here

Some of these enlisted here, but lived in other communities
* Died in Service

Pvt. Horace Barnes
9th Reg't,Cavalry, NY Volunteers. 1816- 6 June 1862.  Died in a hospital in Washington, D.C. of a fever.  Buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia

Thomas McFerran
Died from disease contracted in Potsdam at the Rendevous, on 7 Feb 1862. Buried Riverside Cemetery, Edwards

Pvt. George E. Finley
Served Co. A. 8th Reg't Wis. Inf., from 13 Aug 1861 to 16 Sep 1864.  Discharged at Memphis, Tenn.  He returned to Town of Fine where he spent his life.
Erskine M. Parmelee
7ty Inf. Reg't NY Vol.

Sgt. Sanford D. Parmelee
Co. L., 9th Cavalry Reg't of Buford's Division, NY Vol.  Joined army 22 Nov 1861 at Russell, NY.  Killed during a cavalry charge near Brandy Station, VA on 11 Oct 1863.  He was buried on the battlefield. The Edwards chapter of the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) was named in his honor.

Silas Bennett Wood
August 6, 1821-April 13, 1868
Civil War veteran, Company D, 60th Infantry, Regiment N.Y.S.V. Served 2 enlistments.  Buried in South Edwards Cemetery.

* Charles Adams
* George F. Allen
Ira Allen
John Allen
(Russell) Asa Allen
Wilbur Allen
* William Backus
* Asrow J. Bannister
* Horace Barnes
* Horace Barnes II 
Calvin Beach
Miles Beach
Samuel T. Bennett
Horace W. Bowen
Edwin E.  Brand
Asa Henry Brayton
Walter Bronson
* Harvey Brown
Richard Bruner
Robert Bruner
William Bullock
Solomon Burr
Calvin Burt (last entry in book) 
George Carpenter
Noah  Carpenter
Andrew Clark
Joseph Cleveland
James M. Cole
George Cotton
Asa Daniels
Henry O.  Daniels
* James Arthur Daniels
Leander  Daniels
Charles Leaser Davenport
Charles E. Demmons
* Hannibal  Downs
James B.  Downs
John D. Downs
Michael Dulack
Daniel  Earl
Eli P. Earl
Franklin Earl
Homer Earl
* Royal Earl
Thomas Elliot
Henry Ferguson
Israel Ferguson
Milo Ferguson
George E. Finley (enlisted Wis)
George Washington Flack
* John Fletcher
James H. Fordham
Amos Fowler
James Fowler
* Theodosius Fowler
Henry Gaddis
George Gage
* Henry R. Gale
Harris Gardner
George Gates
* Harvey W. Gates
Nelson Gates
Lucian Gates
Warren Glasby (1st in records)
Justus Picket Gordon
Squire Charles Gordon
John Gore
* William Gotham
Thomas  Grant
Robert Brodie Grieve
* A.D.C. Guild
William G.A. Guild
* James E. Guiles
* George K. Haile
Erwin Hall
Silas B. Hall
Hiram Harlow
James W. Harmon
Henry Harris
Wright Havens
Guy C. Heath
Philemon Heath

H.P. Henderson
* Alfred Heaton
* Thomas Paine Houck
William Houck
Thomas Ivers (spy)
Anson J. Ives 2nd
* Edward Ives
David Anderson Jones
Levi Orlando Jones
* Henry O. Kelley
Lucius Alonzo King
Henry King
Isaac King
Charles Leonard
Grover Leonard
Ormal Leonard
Joel N. Lillie
Newman Little
Stillman Loop
William MaKee
John D. McBroom
* James McFerran
William John McFerran
Thomas McFerran
John Moffit
John Monier
George D. Morrison
Orville Morrison
Ozias Noble
Thomas Noble
Silas Norman
William H. Noyes
Charles Oliver (missing)
* Wesley Oliver
Erskine M. Parmelee
* Sanford D. Parmelee (GAR post)
David Peters
Horace Picket
Justus  Picket
Martin Rasse
Leverett Raymond (last survivor)
Lewis Raymond
Clark Ries
James Rushton
Robert Sellars
Alonzo Sampton
* Elijah W. Shaw
Stephen Shaw
Lawrence Shene
Barney Smith
* Wilbur Spencer
Riley Saulsbury Spicer
William Riley Spicer
Linn James Sprague
Warden Stammer
Joseph Stephenson
James Streeter
Joseph Tarbell (Indian)
Benjamin C. Thair
Alpheus Thompkins
Ansil W. Thompkins
Giles Thompkins
Guiles  Thompson
Joseph Trongo
James, E. VanOrnum
*George Myron VanOrnum
John Vebber
William H. Weir (missing)  
* Isaac White
Charles, V.    Whitford
Sidney A. Whitford
F.G. Whittier 
James Harvey Winslow
John Henry Winslow
Nehemiah Wiley
A.J. Williams
Silas Bennett Wood
Philo Wolcott  
* Frederick Benjamin Woolever
Harvey Woolever  
Hiram Albert Woolever
* William Orlando Woolever
Warren H. Wright

Total enrollment = 165                                 Total died in service = 31

Memorial to Edwards area veterans on the lawn of the library

   World War I

* Died in Service

Pvt. Eugene Lorenzo Davis
1677112, Company D 18th Infantry, US
Army.  Killed during World War I in France, 18 Sept. 1918, buried in Fairview Cemetery, Edwards

Pvt. Truman David Guinup
Born in Oswegatchie, 9 Oct 1897, Died 9 May 1962 in Elmira, NY.  Enlisted in the US Army in 1918 and honorably discarged in 1919

Arnil L. Scott
WWI, Member of American Legion, Gouverneur,  1897-1945, buried South Edwards Cemetery

Don Thomas Todd
Ensign, U.S. Navy WWI.  Life resident of Edwards.  Owned and operated Edwards Telephone Co. until his death in 1948. Buried Fairview Cemetery, Edwards.
Paul Bancroft
Grover Barnes
Foster Barker
Everett Beach
Merton Bell
Albert Burchenough
Ellis Boscoe
Howard Brayton
Joseph Brouse
Charles Brown
Harry Brown
Jay Brown
Robert Brown
Leslie Burnett
Benjamin Butler
Amos Campbell
* Ernest Canfield
Frank Ciambrone
Grant Cleland
Briggs Coleny
Fred Compo
Claude Congdon
Edgar Davis
* Eugene Davis
Glenn Davis
William Dawley
Charles Downey
Edmund Dulack
Ernest Ellis
David Gardner
Everett Goolden
Vernon Grant, Sr.
Truman Guinup
Neil Hale
Theron Hall
Howard Harmon
Harry Hart
* Leslie Holly
Floyd Hosmer
Howard Javall
Edward Keenan
Walter LaCross
William LaRock
Albert LaTray
Walter Lytle
George MacGee
Arthur Matthews
Emory Maybee
Earl Meldrim
Charles Miner
Fred Miner
George Miner
Oscar Miner
Erving Morris
Samuel Morris
Lewis Morrison
Floyd Morrow
Glenn Morrow
William Morrow
Jack Murdie
Clarence Nettles

Walter Nobes
Fay Peters
Harley Pratt
Clarence Rice, Sr.
Kenneth Rutherford
Arnil Scott
Arthur Scott
Emory Scott
John Scott
* Ernest Serviss
George Seymour
Ralph Simons
Everett Stevens
Roland Spaulding
Howard Stitt
Jerry Sullivan
Don T. Todd
Frank Walrath
Wilton Watson
Grant Webb
Stanton Webb
Arthur Whitmarsh
Earl Whitmarsh
Horton Williams
Calvin Wood
Lawrence Woodcock
Alfred Woods
Max Worthington
Fred Youmans

Glenn Landon Davis
Born June 8, 1899 ... He enlisted in the US Army at age 18 at the recruiting station in Watertown NY.  Mr. Davis obtained the rank of Private while serving in the 8th Balloon Company in France during WWI.  He received an honorable discharge from the US Army at Camp Upton, Long Island, NY on May 19, 1919.  He was stationed in Turlan France where he met with his three brothers, Everil (Jack), Edgar (Bob) and Harold.  The four brothers were all released from duty with honorable discharges and returned to upstate New York where they continued their adult lives.  Mr. Davis married Vera Katherine Noble.  He worked in the Edwards mines as a teamster for a number of years.  They later purchased a farm just outside the village of Edwards living there until retiring due to health problems in 1952.  The were the parents of three children, Robert, Jean and Mary.  Another son Glenn, died at birth.  He died on December 24, 1962 at the Sunmount VA Hospital in Tupper Lake after spending much time there due to lung problems caused by poison gas used by the Germans in WWI.

Total Enrollment = 91                                                 Total died in service = 4

  World War II

*  Died in service                                                               +  woman in service

PFC. Olan K. Brayton
 330 Signal Corp U.S. Army.  Fought in the Philippines.  Was in the Bataan Death March.  Died 25 Aug 1942 as a POW in Japanese Camp Cabanatuan, Luzon Island.  Buried in U.S. Military Cemetery, Manila, Philippines. First casualty of WWII from Edwards and first citizen from St. Lawrence Co. to die in a Japanese POW camp.  Local VFW post named for him.

PFC. Thomas W. Brayton
 C. 506 101 Airborne.  Enlisted 1942 - Discharged 1945.  Fought in the Battle of the Bulge - Wounded twice.

Robert Noble Davis
US Navy, Seaman First Class, Honorable Discharge 12 January 1946, awarded bronze star 20 April 1944

Arthur Blaine Fenner
died 13 June 1944, age 21, stationed in Italy


Lester D. Fenner
Army Air Force WWII, retired in 1968 as a Major

Stanley Gagnon
Inducted into Army Oct 30, 1942.  Was in the 385th Engineer Co.  Spent three months in Great Britain.  Discharged Dec 1943 because of illness

PFC. A. Everett Hurley
Talcville. Died 4 Feb 1945, Biak Island, New Guinea. Buried St. James Cemetery, Gouverneur

Melvin A. Hurley
U.S. Navy, WWII. Resided in Edwards.
1924-1983.  Fairview Cemetery, Edwards

Robert B. Hurley
Corporal in 15th Air Force, served in North Africa and Italy, discharged 12 October 1945

Harold D. Jones
Inducted 18 July 1945.  Served in Italy (MTO).  Discharged 4 Mar 1947.  Received Army of Occupation Medal and WWII Victory Medal
Edward Adams
Linden Aldridge
Floyd Aldridge
William Aldridge
Adelbert Ashley
Leonard Baker
Daniel Barraford
Clyde Barrett
Carlo Basso
Walter Baxter
Lyle Black
Lynn Black
Thomas Black
Francis Blackmore
Bernard Boulet
Gervaise Boulet
Clyde Bowman
Kenneth Bowman
* Olan Keith Brayton
Thomas Brayton
Harry Brown
Maclyn Brown
Robert Brown
William Brown
Elmer Dean Bridgeland
James (Jay) Bridgeland
Michael Butcher
Donald Campbell
+ Doris Cassidy
Armand Clark
William Clark
Chester Cole
Floyd Cole
Kenneth Cole
Ives Cleland
William Cleland
Robert Davis
Robert Dawley
William Dawley
Donald Denton
Hiram Dusharm
Wilfred Ellis
Ronald Farr
* Arthur Fenner
Lester Fenner
Ronald Flynn
Frank Gagnon
James Gagnon
Everett Given
Stanley Given
Donald Goodheart
Vernon Grant, Jr.
Bert Guiles
Francis Guiles
Harry Guiles
Ellsworth Hall
Gerald Hall
Clarence Hansen, Jr.
+ Helen Hansen
+ Marjorie Hansen
James Hamilton
William Hosmer
Cecil  Howard
* Allan Everett Hurley
Lawrence Hurley
Melvin Hurley
Merton Hurley
Robert Hurley
Kenneth Johnson
Everett Jones
Glenn Jones
Harold Jones, Jr.
Kermit Jones
Harold Kelsey
Millard Kio
Leo LaLonde
Ronald Lamica
Max Lanphear
Lewis Lashua
Carl Lashuay
Hubert Lathan
Millard Leary
Earl Lumley
Donald Manchester
John Manzolati
George Marsh
Joel Marsh
Rene Mechin
Lee Meldrim
Donald Miller
+ Eleanor Morrow
Richard Morrow
Ray McCollum
John McKee
Erwin Neil
John Nicholas
Michael Nicholas
Maurice O’Neil
Herbert Padgett
George Payne
Clifford Pratt
Donald Pratt
William Pratt
Clifford Putman
Carl Randall, Jr.
Charles Rathbun
+ Ruth Ray
* Earl Reed, Jr.
Rollin Reed
+ Rosalie Reed
Douglas Rice
Edwin Rice
John Rice
Kenneth Rice
Merton Rice
William C. Rice
Alton Royce
Gordon Schwerdfager
Award Shepard
Harvey Skeldon
* James Skeldon, 
Lewis Solon
Ross Stammer
Ezra Sullivan
Stanley Todd
Charles Toth
Archie Walker
Gerald Ward
Lee Webb
Ray Webb
Silas Whitford
Claude Williams
* George Williams
Elmer Worden

Kermit K. Jones
Went into the Navy Aug 1942.  Served in Midway and Hawaii.  Discharged Dec 1945 with rank of RT 2/c

Sgt. James B. Kirkbride
Signal Corp., U.S. Army.  Served Jan 1, 1943 - Nov 30, 1945.

Pvt. Earl Reed, Jr.
Edwards village.  Killed by enemy fire 1 Sep 1944 while landing on a beach in northwestern France.  Buried in Brittany American Cemetery for fallen servicemen, St. James, Manche, France

James Skeldon
Enlisted Aug 25, 1942.  After basic training he was stationed at Pearl Harbor aboard the submarine, the USS Swordfish 193.  He and 84 other sailors were on patrol when the Swordfish was lost Jan, 12, 1945.  He was awarded the Good Conduct and Purple Heart medals.

Clarence A. Hansen, Jr. "Sonny" or "Cal"
Enlisted in the Army Reserve on 12 Nov 1942 while a student of technical electricity at New York State Ag and Tech Institute in Canton.   Ordered to active duty on the 1 April 1943 before finishing full course of study.   Separated from the service on the 24 April 1946, with 37 months of active service. Received the Good Conduct Medal,  American Theater Service Medal and the European-African Middle Eastern Theater Medal.

Carl M. Randall, Jr.
Inducted into the army Feb 25, 1943 as Pvt.  Spent from Apr 1943 - Dec 1945 in the Asiatic Pacific Theater in Alaska.  Discharged 1945 as Sgt.

Silas Woodrow "Woody" Whitford
Drafted 23 Dec 1942 and was discharged 29 Dec 1945.  He was farmer at induction.  Time spent overseas - 29 Jan 1944 to 22 July 1945.  He was in the European Theater of Operation and stationed in Campaigns of Norway, Northern France and Rhineland.  Awards - African Theater Ribbon, European African Middle Eastern Ribbon, Victory Medal.  He was a PFC in the cavalry, a truck driver and was a 2c gunner on machine gun 30 cal.

Helen Hansen Wittich
 Secretary at date of induction into Navy (WAVES) on Oct 4, 1943. Discharged Mar 2, 1946.  Rank at induction A/S.  Rank at discharge SK 2C.  In American theater.  Awards - Hon. Service Laper Button and Hon Discharge Emblem and Hon. Dis. Pin.

Marjorie Hansen
Induction 1 Dec 1943 Registered Nurse.  Army Nurse Corps Rank at induction, 2nd Lieut. Discharged, 23 Mar 1946, Rank 1st Lieut.  Overseas from March 1944 to December 1945.  Theater, European, England, France, Germany & Austria.  Awards, EAME campaign medal.  Victory Ribbon, Meritorious Service Unit Plaque while serving with 97th General Hospital.

Total enrollment = 135                         Total died in service = 7                      Total women in service = 6

  Korean War

*  Died in service                                                               +  woman in service

William Harvey Hosmer
Enlisted 12 Aug 1948.  Served in Korea 1 yr. 11 mo. 13 da.  Was in the 984th Engr. Fld. Maint. Co.  Discharged 14 June 1952.  Awarded the Korean Service Medal with one bronze Service star
William Harvey "Bill" Hosmer


This is a new section devoted to the Korean War.  We'd like more pictures and information on those from Edwards who served in this conflict.  Please contact us if you have this information.

Total enrollment = 1                         Total died in service = 0                      Total women in service = 0

  Viet Nam

*  Died in service                                                               +  woman in service

Gerald F. Barker, BUL 3
Joined Navy on 9/4/1963, Graduated Boot Camp on 11/23/1963. Stationed at Port Hueneme, CA, 12/1963-6/1964; ADAK, AK, 8/1964-9/1965; Mobile Construction Battalion #3 at Port Hueneme, 10/1965-8/1967.  Two tours in Vietnam while with MCB #3, Chu Lai in 1966 and Phu Bai in 1967.  Discharged from Long Beach, CA, 8/1967.  Medals received: 1. National Defense Service Medal; Vietnam Service Medal with Fleet Marine Combat insignia and 2 Bronze Stars; and 3. Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal with device.  Navy Mobile Construction Battalion as a Carpenter in Sea Bees which is designated at Builder 3rd Class,  E-4 Ranking.
This is a new section devoted to the Viet Nam War.  We'd like more pictures and information on those from Edwards who served in this conflict.  Please contact us if you have this information.

Vernon J. Allen
Gerald F. Barker

Vernon J. "Jack" Allen, Master Sgt.
Graduated from ECS in '61 and joined the Navy.  Served for 4 years, .4 months.  Joined the Air Force in September 1967.  Stationed at Hurlburt Florida for 3 years, then went to Vietnam, Camrahn Bay, in November 1969.  Served one 1 year. there as a Survival Specialist.  Next stationed at Holloman AB, New Mexico, Griffis AB in Rome NY for 3 years, RAF Bentwaters England for 2 years and Grisson AFB in Indiana for 3 years.  Then went to USAF recruiter school in Texas and was assigned as the Air Force recruiter in North Syracuse for the next 8 years.  Retired in 1987 as a Master Sgt.  Received the Air Force Meritorious Medal, AF Commendation Medal with 2 bronze stars, AF Outstanding UN award 4 times, Good Conduct Medal 4 times, National Defense Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with palm.

Total enrollment = 2                        Total died in service = 0                      Total women in service = 0

If you or a relative are listed here and would like a picture included contact LaVerne H. Freeman.

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