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To Market, To Market

Shipping Edwards Cheeses and Beef on the Hoof in Early 20th Century

William "Bill" Cleland ... 11 July 2003

There were at least two cheese factories in the town of Edwards where the cheese makers made cheeses for local and out of the area sales.  When the manager (or owner) had a large number of cheeses ready for market, he had the farmers come with their horses and wagons to transport the products to the building behind the stockyards and milk factory near the railroad station.  The advent of the railroad coming to Edwards in August 1893 made this commercial venture possible.

The storage shed, a building about 15 feet by 20 feet, had wide spaces between the sidewall boards so the air could circulate around the cheeses which were stored on shelves lining the inside of the shed.  As the cheese "wheels" of various sizes aged, someone, probably the cheese maker, regularly turned and salted them thus ensuring proper curing.  Eventually the cheeses were loaded onto the train for shipment to various destinations in the United States and England.

However, not only cheese was shipped by train, but there were stockyards, or pens, in the same area, used to hold cattle bound for shipment by rail also.  A ramp was used to drive the livestock onto the train's cattle cars.

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