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Hotels of Edwards

Compiled by David J. Schryver from information provided by LaVerne H. Freeman, Town Historian
posted February 29, 2012

The Rushton House was built in 1860 by Henry Rushton to accommodate those travelers journeying to the "South Woods" which was opening in the neighboring town of Fine.  The hotel was a very popular place for gatherings throughout its existence.  It burned in the disastrous fire of July 4, 1894.  Rushton gained recognition as a canoe, kayak and guide boat builder and is usually associated with Canton, New York.  He was, however, born in Edwards.

Immediately following the famous fire there was another hotel erected on the same site.  This hotel was also noted for its New Year's and Fourth of July parties. After there was no need for a hotel and it closed, the building burned on May 18, 1970 and the site, now owned by Roger and Barbara Tresidder, is an empty lot.

The Northern Inn was built by Northern Ore Co. at the mines, to accommodate its workers.  These workers were brought in from New York City to sink the new zinc mine.  Many of them were immigrants who spoke very little English. The Inn usually boarded about 44 men who paid $7.00/ week.

Jim Dain was first proprietor.  Some of the other proprietors and their employees from our area were Mr. and Mrs. Warren Noble with cook Mrs. Nellie Barnes, (parents and grandmother of Earl Noble); Buff Weaver with cook Mrs. Mildred Chapin Lathan Lumley (Gretchen Meldrim's mother), and waitress Ethel Lennox Kerr; Frank & Ruth Cayea with Ethel L. Kerr as waitress.  It was closed and razed by St. Joe in January and February 1937 when it was no longer needed.  For more information on this facility, check out our article on The Northern Inn.

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