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Town of Edwards Cemetery Records

Family burial ground located in South Edwards on SLC Route 23 ... on a steep hill overlooking the valley of South Edwards settlement on property owned by Alfred and Barbara Fenton.  It is very difficult to reach.  A fieldstone wall 15' by 18' (outside) is about 24" to 30" high and 20" to 28" wide. Sandstone slabs are laid on top of the wall.  This surrounds the graves of the three Winslow family members.  This cemetery is tended by the Alfred Fenton family.  The earliest grave is Ruth Dunbar Winslow who died January 3, 1835, age 53.

Download a map/diagram of Winslow Cemetery.

Surname Given Name Maiden B-Date D-Date Age Lot# Notes/Comments

27 Dec 1859 83
The first settler in South Edwards in 1824.
3 Jan 1835 53
"Wife of Job" "Here lies Ruth beneath the sod. Her body lies here, her soul with God"

15 July 1839 8 mo, 5 da.
Daughter of Oramil (Ormeal) and Rhoda Bannister Winslow. Vermont. Rhoda and Oramil buried in Riverside Cemetery, Edwards, NY.

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